We’ve had sprint, wildwater and fairly bouncy marathon racing in the last few days.
There was only a small team at the regatta for the McGregor Paddle, and the only team “award” we won was for the most penalty points – including some given to our two Olympic paddlers, our club coach and our GB wildwater team paddler – all of whom clearly should know better and have been seriously reprimanded.

There was great K1 racing from all the Banbury paddlers there for the weekend though, and a well-deserved promotion to Boys A for Will McC, whilst Will L liked his first regatta so much he went down to Royal Canoe Club for their regatta. There might have been some distractions from the racing at Nottingham though – with the F1 and the football. Hate to think what people’s download bills will be!

This weekend we had a few some Polish visitors at the club, whilst more juniors took on the daleks at Nottingham under Rob’s careful eye, and come back with prizes, whilst an even smaller team raced the Ironbridge Hasler, with Irene and Lee (in his first race) winning Div 8, and Chris and Felicity coming 2nd in Div 6 – despite Chris breaking his paddles.

Next weekend is the National Marathon Championships, with a rather bigger team racing at Reading Canoe Club – hopefully with a few medals “coming home”.