Racing for U14s

Age group racing is based on your age on the 1st of January.  U12s (and U14s who are new to the sport) race over approximately 2 miles and there are three, speed-based levels.  In GSC paddlers must race mini-kayaks (incl Lightnings).  These are specific junior boats, and the club has a number of them.  In GSB and A, any racing boat can be paddled.  As you get faster, you will be promoted through the divisions and, ultimately, into Division 9.  There you will race over 4 miles – but this will not happen until you are ready.

U14s who are not ready for 4 miles straight away can race in GSA or, if they and their coach feel they are up to it, can go straight into Division 9.

There will also be some K2 (double) racing.  For U14s or for a pair both ranked in GSA, they will need to race in Div 9 K2, but others will be entered into GS Open or GS Mini – depending on their combined ranking.  Again, the club has some junior K2 (double) boats available, and we will often suggest that juniors do their first race in a K2 as it’s much more fun with someone else!

Marathon – Geoff Sanders Memorial Trophy and National Championships

The Geoff Sanders Series is run alongside the Hasler races and points are accrued over the year, with the final taking place at the Hasler Finals – where there are double points on offer.  BDCC has a great record in this competition, and have won it many times.

Juniors can also compete in races at the Marathon National Championships held each year. There are separate races for the groups mentioned above with points awarded to each competitor.  The club that scores the most points is awarded the Spanish Galleon Trophy.  Again, BDCC has won this a number of times.

There are also National Under 12 Championships at the Marathon Nationals – both K1 and K2.  These are over 4 miles, and any boats can be used.


There is a Lightning series at the National Regattas, Nottingham, as well as intermediate classes for those U14s not ready to race in the sprint divisional series.   Racing is on the regatta lake, using the start buckets, over a distance of 500m.  There is the chance to race K1, K2 and K4 (with the K4 boats being provided at the event).  There is a minimum qualifying time to race at Nottingham, but there are also regional regattas where Lightnings can take part.