On Sunday 29th October, 160 paddlers from the Southern Region and beyond took to the Oxford Canal in Banbury Town centre for our own home race.   It was a fabulous day on the water with 119 boats competing, ranging from those racing at elite level down to the children just starting their racing careers.  It is a tough race as everyone has to do some portages over the locks. The elite paddlers racing over 12 miles face a tough 14 portages, Divisions 4-6 racing 8 miles have 6 portages, Divisions 7-9 doing a 4 mile race had 2 portages, only the under-14 paddlers in the Geoff Sanders competition avoid going over a lock.

The reward for racing was immense satisfaction and the famous Banbury Hasler cake stall.  Banbury had plenty of podium finishes and achieved a perfect score to win first place in the inter-club competition.  The first time anyone can remember us doing so well.