There may have been no marathon or sprint races nearby this weekend, but assorted Banbury paddlers still found something different to do.
A few more ventured up to Nottingham to take on the “Daleks” again on the WWR course at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottinghamshire – and a few more swims were added to the list as a result! This has been a great series of races introducing people to the sport, and hopefully everyone will have learnt a few more moving water skills even if they don’t plan to start wild water racing.  Many thanks to Rob and Robyn for organising everyone..

Thanks also to Falcon Canoe Club who invited us to join them for their 10k time trial today. With a regatta upstream, it was interesting negotiating the rowers – one of the hazards we tend not to encounter on the canal.

Next weekend are the final qualifying races for this year’s Hasler competition, with many racing at Longridge Canoe Club on Saturday, and one or two even trying to squeeze an extra race in on Sunday at Tonbridge to ensure their qualification. Recently, one family even went to Falmouth for the day for their final race. Desperate measures considering there were 8 in-region races during the year, and plenty of other nearer ones, but we applaud their dedication to the club!