The usual Ross Warland Canal Challenge is 20 miles, starting and finishing from our clubhouse in Cropredy, with 12 portages along the way.  These are mostly muddy, some have narrow steps and a bend and – for something different – one is at Banbury’s shopping centre, where you would have been offered (force-fed?) jelly babies from our friendly marshals.  At the 10-mile point, you would have turned in front of the massed crowds whilst trying to avoid boats coming at you from all directions; or you would have handed over your number “baton” in the relay class.  On your return to the club, we’d have greeted you with hot soup, bacon rolls and lots of cake.

This time it’s up to you – you can replicate the above as much or as little as you like, and however you like (although we’d suggest the hot soup and cake at the finish should be compulsory).  You can K1, K2 or K4, and paddle the Full Monty Twenty, or do a relay – with as many of you as you want out there (within your Covid restrictions of course!).

Sadly, there has been a delay in the special, limited-edition hats.  So, for those of you who want to get cracking – please do so, and we’ll send you your hats as soon as they arrive.

When you’ve finished, please send us your location, times and photos (if you’re happy for us to put them on social media and share them with the Bone Cancer Trust).

Entries to:  Graham Warland

Cost:  £10/person to be paid to Banbury Canoe Club – bank details are on the entry from.  This includes a special, limited-edition hat and p&p, with the rest of the money going direct to the Bone Cancer Research Trust in Ross’s memory.

(For anyone wishing to make a donation in addition to the entry fee, there is also a Just Giving account, which already has £860 in it, following our club online event on the planned day of the race.   Graham Warland is fundraising for Bone Cancer Research Trust (