We had a relatively small team at the inter-clubs regatta, but still managed an excellent 7th place overall. The Boys D paddlers brought in the majority of the points, with a win in their K4 race for Oliver J, Jasper B, Will L and Noah M. Will L and Noah M also went on to win the Boys D K1 races in the 200 and 500 respectively.
We managed to field 3 K4s across the weekend to help score sufficient points. There was an impressive Women’s A/B K4, with Amy Turner and Angela Hannah both coming out of retirement from the GB sprint squad to paddle with Alice Murphy and Jessie Urquhart, as well as a Men’s A/B boat, with Rob Jefferies, Michael Phillips, William McCracken and Luke Johnson – the latter doing double duty, as he was also racing for the RAF team that won the inter-services competition.