It was back to the National Water Sports Centre, Nottinghamshire last weekend for the Inter-Clubs Regatta. We only had a small team out, but the club still came 12th, and our volunteers came 13th. Well done all.

There were some well-deserved, hard-earned promotions too. Juniors Harry C and Michael P have finally cracked the lake, and gone up to Boys C, finishing 3rd and 5th in Final A of the 500 K1. Robin F may now decide he quite likes sprinting after all, coming 2nd in his 500 K1 final and getting promoted to Mens C. Neil Mc came up for his first regatta, and has gone straight up to Masters C after winning his 500 K1, and Arthur U, (racing for Royal Canoe Club), sealed a great few days with promotion to Mens A. There were also placings for Robin A with Jerry H (2nd in 200 and 500 K2), and Harry with Noah M (2nd in K2 200 and 3rd K2 500). Shaun H (racing for Nottingham) was 2nd in Mens C/D K2 500.

It’s back to the longer stuff this weekend, with most people racing at the Thames Valley Hasler on Sunday, although Kirsten and Irene are taking it to extremes, taking on the 96 miles of the Cheshire Ring. Non-stop!!