Congratulations to our two new National Champions – Dan Golder (O39 K1) and Robin Avery (O69 K1)

The club came 6th overall.  Although we had a slightly smaller team out this year, we did have significant numbers in the Vet Mens races though, and 10 paddlers in the mixed K2 chaos!

Highlights are obviously Dan and Robin winning their national titles. Sadly, Robin and Jerry were foiled by a bit of fishing wire, when in contention for a medal in the O59 K2, and couldn’t then reel in the front boats in time, so finished fourth.

Rosa was 4th in her first year of U14 girls, which was an excellent result, and was another unlucky story in the K2 when she and Klara (from Falcon) were in the leading pack, but Rosa’s seat slipped so they fell out and retired. The first hard luck story of the weekend was our valiant Lightning paddler, Lizzie, who injured herself before she even got there, and couldn’t race, whilst other swimmers included Noah and Will in the U14 K2, and Joe Petersen discovered the reaction of paddling at speed into a stationary tree. Will L was another to just miss out on the podium with a 4th in the U12 Boys K2, but great credit to both him and Josh P for racing with someone they’d never got in a boat with before the weekend.

Special mentions to Felicity – for doing both the Senior Women’s races – paddling 32 miles in total, and to Rachel T-F, who kept her company in the K1 race, and Robyn who was with her in the K2. David Woodcock is another who is prepared to put himself fully through the pain barrier, with two 12 miles races, and he and Simon Petersen maintained their tradition of being the last competitors on the course.