Yesterday saw 14 leave the calm of flatwater racing to take on the Wavehopper Championships at the Nene Whitewater Centre
Many thanks to our own GB paddler, Rob Jefferies and club coach Dom Murphy, who helped the juniors find the right lines during the practice session. Despite that, there were plenty of thrills and spills throughout the afternoon, with a number finding themselves swimming alongside their boat – or going down backwards!
Even so, everyone had a fantastic time, and learnt a lot. The main aim was to help with their moving water skills, and they certainly got the chance to do that. As well as the practice time beforehand, there were the two timed runs, and then the course was open for everyone to just play on. Luckily it was only booked until 3pm, or some of the juniors would never have got off.
Despite the lack of experience on this sort of water, there were still some excellent results:
Sophie R – Jt 1st Senior Ladies
Noah M – Jt 1st U14 boys
Jessie U – 2nd U16 girls
Abi B – 3rd U16 girls
Rosa D – 3rd U14 girls
George U – 3rd U18 boys
Michael P – 3rd U16 boys
Irene H – 3rd Vet Ladies
Will L – 3rd U12 boys