It’s been another busy couple of weekends with a mix of racing. A small team went to the Anker Valley Marathon, and there were second places for Noah in Division 4 K1 – his highest placing at this level so far, and for Colette with Rachel T-F in Division 6 K2.

Father and son team of Andy and Robin F went for something different, taking on the Fishguard Bay Ocean Race, coming 2nd in doubles class and Rob Jefferies has been racing at the European Wildwater Championships in Slovenia,

This weekend we finally had the first in-region Hasler for the year – it’s been a long wait! The team came 4th at Basingstoke, with a number of paddlers making it onto the podium. There was a straightforward win for Joe in Div 1, while Max D and Andy F took Div 4 K2, just ahead of Annelies F and Isla J, with both crews well ahead of the rest of the field. There were further second places for Will L (Div 7 and promoted to Div 6), Lizzy H (Div 10) and Chris H and Ray P (Div 6). Robin F was 3rd in Div 2, as were Chris and Simon P in Div 7 K2. There was also a promotion for Joe E to Div 7 after coming 4th in Div 8.

There’s no rest and recovery though. This weekend it’s off to Reading for the team. Our first beginner group of beginners are half-way through their course; the girls from Carrdus School are making great progress and the next regatta is looming! As is our next Open Afternoon – if you’re interested in learning to paddle and joining this busy club, do come along on 8 June.