A slightly smaller than usual group went up to Leamington for the first 2018 Hasler race.  Although this is out of region, it’s nice and local and a great start to the season.  This year it proved to be a lot more challenging than usual, with high (and rising) water levels, and a strong and unpredictable flow.  The general consensus was that it was very tough racing, and there were many comments on Facebook acknowledging how well anyone did to finish.

George U took the win in Div 4 K1 – his recent wild water forays clearly paying off as he was able to put his skills into practise and win comfortably.  Div 7 K2 was a bit of a Banbury bunfight.  All three boats were in the top 3 places at one point, but Felicity and Nicola dropped back to 5th, leaving it to Malcolm and Paul to fight it out with Chris and Simon.  The latter finally got the advantage on the last turn and went on to win, with Paul and Malcolm second.

Luka decided against racing his C1 having looked at the river, and clearly made the right decision as he came 2nd in Div 6 and got promoted to Div 5.  After persevering through the summer, Shirley found herself on the podium for the first time, coming 2nd in Div 9.

Will L was 3rd in his first Div 8 class, and Sophie and Jessie were 3rd in Div 4 K2 – although they are convinced they would have won if they hadn’t stopped to help a swimmer who then refused to let go of his boat and go to the side.  Alice also helped a swimmer (there were a lot of them due to the water conditions), finishing 8th in Div 3, with Will Mc and Neil Mc ahead of her in 4th and 5th place.  And Neil was in his first ever Hasler race!

Josh looks to have got himself promoted to Div 6 after his 5th place in Div 7, and looked a bit happier on the water than his father did.

Next weekend the club is split again – there’s Marathon training at Eton Dorney; wildwater racing at the Nene Centre;  Anker Valley Hasler Race and Waterside D.    Looks like it will be empty at Cropredy that day then!