Harry C and Michael P switched their Banbury vests for their school colours this weekend, as they were the first crew from the club to race at the Inter-schools Kayak Championships.  Both boys are in year 10 at Sibford School, and race regularly for Banbury, but we were very proud that they were able to take part in this event, and represent their school this time.  Up against older, more experienced crews, the boys did very well in both the sprint regatta in the morning and the afternoon’s marathon event.  It was a long, cold day but the boys persevered to the end and finished the 12 mile race, which defeated some of the other crews.  This weekend we look forward to seeing them in Banbury blue again, attempting a 20 mile paddle in the Ross Warland Memorial Challenge, but we hope to see them back in Sibford colours next year – and hopefully we’ll have some more school crews to join them from the club.