Fairport – when the club becomes a kitchen.

A huge benefit of being based in Cropredy is the annual Fairport Convention – which gives us our main fundraising opportunity each year.
Once again, the clubhouse has been transformed, the astro has been covered with carpet and gazebos, and we are spending the weekend cooking around 2,000 breakfasts!

An added bonus this year – we’ve gone green. Rather than use disposable plates and cutlery, we spent the last few months collecting china, and the new washing-up team has been kept busy in the boatshed under Irene’s supervision.
Many thanks to everyone who has come along and supported us this weekend – we’re still there tomorrow, even if it looks like it might be a bit wet. We’ll have Friday’s umbrella carriers back on duty!

Thank you also to all the who have spent the week preparing for the weekend, and then turning up to start serving from 7am every day – it truly is a whole club effort. By tomorrow afternoon we’ll have a canoe club again – although the smell of food may linger a little longer.