We’ve been back racing with a vengeance over the last couple of weeks. We had nearly 60 paddlers at Falcon Canoe Club’s Oxford Hasler and, although points weren’t officially awarded as it was part of the 20/21 season, BDCC did come out on top, scoring 237 points out of a maximum of 240.
We had a number of people – of all ages – doing their first race, and an impressive number of podiums and promotions.
Div 1 K1 – Joe P
Div 5 K1 – Will L and promoted to Div 4
Div 6 K1 – Oliver J and promoted to Div 5
Div 2 K1 – Shaun H
Div 9 K1 – Isabella M and promoted to Div 8
GS C K1 – Summer G and promoted to GS B
Div 4 K2 – Amy T and Jessie U
Div 7 K2 – Chris and Simon P
Div 8 K2 – Brian P and Jacqui
Div 2 K1 – Will McC
Div 3 K1 – Michael P
Div 8 K1 – George M and promoted to Div 7
Div 9 K1 – Lizzy H and promoted to Div 8
GS C K1 – Milena O
Div 4 K2 – Max D and Andy F
Div 8 K2 – Debbie H and Stephen H
GS Mini K2 – Reuben H and Summer G