For the fourth year in a row, BDCC has taken a junior team to the Sobeka Flanders Cup in Belgium, to give them a taste of international competition, and how to manage themselves and their time at a regatta without their parents doing all the hard work.  This year we linked up with a Welsh team, as Dan Golder is now coaching there, which led to some new pairings and crews.

Everyone had a great time, progressing to at least semi-finals, with the U16 boys proving to be particularly competitive.  There was still a strong medal haul, with the team coming back with 3 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze.  It was a tired bunch of teenagers that arrived back on Monday, so doubt they were much use at school the following day – goodness knows how the responsible adults felt though!  Many thanks to Dan, Graham, Alice, Becca and Elena for shepherding them all weekend.