Many thanks to the juniors – from Banbury and all over southern England – who braved the cold to attend our training day on Sunday as part of their on-going quest to be selected for the MRC development team to race at Gent this year.  After a bit of re-planning when we found the canal had re-frozen overnight, everyone  had the opportunity for some good training with a  5km run in the morning, followed by some circuit-training.  Luckily, by the time everyone had had lunch, and a Q and A with some Banbury paddlers who have already raced at Gent, the ice had gone and we were able to run two time-trials.  For those not so used to canal paddling and tight turns, there was some quick learning required – and a few swimmers along the way.  The paddlers all took in their stride though, and we wish them all well with their hoped-for selection.