Banbury paddlers had another great day at the final Hasler race of the 2016/17 season hosted by Longridge Canoe Club.  There were a number of podium place, but luckily not too many promotions to take forward to the finals next month.

Dylan L continued his controlled progress through the divisions winning Div 5 and going to up to Div 4 – that makes it three races, three wins and three promotions.  Apparently he has to work on his portaging though.  Danny P, having got his GCSEs out of the way, comfortably won Div 7 and promoted to Div 6, whilst Debbie and Keith A took another Div 9 K2 win, which will surely see them into Div 8.

Other podiums included Arthur U, 2nd in Div 2, hopefully having finally sorted out his shoulder problems that have blighted the last 18 months; Robin F, 2nd Div 3, despite missing a turn and face-planting on a portage; and Robin Av 2nd in Div 4.

In the Lightning classes, Will L was 2nd in U12 boys, with  Lizzy H 2nd in U10 girls.  They then paired up to take 3rd in the Hody race.

Noah M was 3rd in Div 6 with promotion to Div 5, and Chris and Simon P couldn’t quite match their son’s win in Div 7, but were 3rd in the K2 version.

The results left Banbury second on the day, and unofficially second overall in the Southern Region, thus comfortably qualifying for the Hasler Finals at Richmond next month.