Getting Started

We managed to run some small beginner courses last year within the Covid-19 guidelines, and hope to be able to do so in 2021.  Dates and details will be published here in due course.

If you are already a racing or competent paddler and interested in joining the club please get in touch here.  We will arrange for one of our coaches to assess your level, and either find the right training group for you or suggest that you do one of our beginners’ courses.  As all our training is done in racing boats with rudders  you will need to be assessed in one of these – we can provide one if you do not have your own.

If you are new to kayaking, we run regular courses through the summer to get you started.  No previous experience is necessary but you should be able to swim 50 metres and the recommended minimum age is 8. The beginners’ courses are over four sessions, and aimed at covering the basics of paddling and preparing you to start training towards your first race.  You will progress from a plastic boat to a ruddered boat and be able to execute basic support strokes, manoeuvre your boat around obstacles and control your boat safely.  We ask everyone to join the club before they start, and the cost of the beginner course is included in your first year’s membership fees.

Please note, we don’t run courses through the middle of summer as the canal gets very busy, particularly around mid-August when the village host the Fairport Convention Festival.

No special clothing is required.  We recommend you wear running or sportswear (not jeans, fleeces or woolly jumpers) with a pair of light trainers or water shoes. Paddlers should bring a cagoule (in case of wet weather), a towel and a complete change of clothing for afterwards.

The club can provide buoyancy aids, paddles and boats for the course and for new members.   As your paddling progresses, the club coaches will advise on buying your own equipment as and when you need it.

To book on a course please contact us here.   Equally, if the dates don’t work for you, do get in touch as it is sometimes possible to organise coaching on a one-to-one basis or in a small group.

For more information on our Membership please click here